Thank you for choosing Evers & Gardner Dental. We are dedicated to providing quality care in a comfortable and caring environment. You can expect individualized attention, state-of-the art facilities, prompt service, friendly staff, dental health education, as well as quality care each time you visit us. Our goal is to treat you, the dental patient, as we would want to be treated. We look forward to a lasting relationship with you as we care for your dental health. Again, thank you for choosing Evers & Gardner Dental.

1. What can I expect on my first visit?

Dr. Evers & Dr. Gardner want to get to know you as well as your individualized dental needs. With this in mind, your first appointment will be exclusively with the doctor and his assistant and last approximately 1 hour for a standard cleaning & exam.

2. How and when do I fill out the necessary paperwork for treatment?

New Patient Forms are available online and in our office.

Online Option – Go to our website at www.eversdental.com, click on the “Patient Info” tab above, and then select New Patient Forms. Enter your information and follow the prompts. A list of 5 possible forms will appear. The 3 needed are Patient Information, Medical & Dental History and Consent for Internet Communications. Click once on the form of your choice. Please note the blue arrows located at the far top & bottom. Be sure to use these blue arrows to move through to the last page of each form before hitting the Submit button. Click Submit after completing each form. These should be completed no later than the night before your appointment date. When you arrive for your appointment your forms will have been processed and the doctors will be ready to see you. We will obtain your signatures at your first visit.

In-Office Option – Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time. You can complete the forms in our office via computer or a written paper copy.

3. How are my insurance claims handled?

  • In an effort to keep your time with us as convenient as possible, Evers & Gardner Dental staff will gladly process all insurance claims on your behalf.
  • At your first visit, a photo-copy of your insurance card, the subscribers social-security number & birth-date along with the patients social-security number & birth-date are all necessary to process your insurance claim.
  • Once we have received payment from your insurance company, a final statement will be mailed to you for any services not covered by your carrier. We do not charge fees for completing these forms and we will do our best to help you get the most benefit from your insurance coverage, but no guarantees can be made. You will be responsible for any balance not covered by insurance.

4. What are allowable forms of payment?

CareCreditWe accept Cash, Check, Debit Cards, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and CareCredit. Please make checks payable to Evers Dental. Pre-payment-in-full, with cash or check, before scheduled appointments will receive a 5% courtesy adjustment.

5. Do you offer payment plans?

In an effort to focus on comprehensive dentistry, we understand payment plans are sometimes necessary. For treatments and procedures your insurance doesn’t cover, we offer an Easy-Pay payment plan.

  • Dr. Evers & Dr. Gardner will work with you to determine the following during your treatment plan overview: Total Cost, Number of Payments, Amount Per Payment and Payment Date(s) each month.
  • Your authorization signature and credit card number is kept on file.
  • Your credit card is billed for the amount due on the date chosen each month.
  • This service is offered Interest Free, assuming scheduled payments are made in full & on time.

6. What if I need to change or cancel my appointment?

We pride ourselves on giving each patient personalized care and therefore do not operate with a “clinic” mentality. This means that we schedule one patient per doctor or hygienist per available appointment. This enables us to run on schedule, spend adequate time with each patient and give the highest quality of care. We also realize that our patients’ time is very valuable. Canceling appointments with short notice is unfair to others who may have wanted that same time. As a courtesy to our other patients and us, our policy requires a minimum of 48-hour notice for cancelled or changed appointments. This allows us adequate time to schedule another patient in the open time slot. Less than 48-hour notice could result in a $50 cancellation fee per scheduled hour. Exceptions are made in the case of an emergency or our ability to fill the cancelled appointment opening.

7. Do you perform Root Canals & Wisdom Teeth Extractions?

Often both of these procedures can be done in our office. Consultation regarding your specific situation is necessary to determine this option. In the event we recommend otherwise, you would be referred to a trusted specialist.

8. Why isn’t Dr. Evers or Dr. Gardner on my Insurance Provider list?

Because we strive to provide the level of quality care that we would desire for our own dental health – to spend adequate time, use the best equipment & materials, and use the best dental lab, we contract with carriers based on the reimbursement levels. Depending on the contract, there is often very little or no penalty in coming to our office even when we are not on the list. If you are unsure, just call our office and we will do our best to answer your questions.

9. How often are X-rays taken?

We recommend bitewings to be taken once per year and full-mouth or panoramic x-rays once every 5 years. This helps us monitor bone structure, look for hidden cavities, rule out any hidden cysts, tumors, etc. We use digital x-ray technology that requires much less radiation exposure and creates better diagnostic images.